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In a speculative future based off of Peter Frase's book, Four Futures: Life after Capitalism, there is social equality but scarcity of resources. Society is re-imagining it's relation to nature. Small communities have formed and are self-governed. Each village has learned to specialize in utilizing and harvesting a particular natural resource to live and thrive. This particular community raises several hundred sheep and specializes in the production of Wool. The daily rituals and identity of the community members are deeply tied to the landscape and reflect their values in the built environment.

Woolen is a speculative wool production building. The raw wool fiber is wound around the entrance and then brought into the main space to be spun into yarn and stored. Wood framing makes up the main structure throughout which wool fibers weave in and out creating flexible apertures and providing protection from the elements.

WOOLEN - Long Section Perspective reduce
WOOLEN -Drawn Section Perspective.jpg
WOOLEN -Entrance Side Perpsective WITH S
WOOLEN -Back Perspective_scan.jpg
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